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Published March 17, 2013

Today the N3 coalition, composed of Nulli Secunda <S2N>, Northern Coalition. <NCDOT> and Nexus Fleet <NEXUS>, held a meeting in which several major changes were announced. The most notable changes included the deployment of a new staging outpost in MTO2-2 in Perrigen Falls, as well as plans to take Solar Fleet renter space in the area while simultaneously seeking good fights with the CFC in the Venal/Pure Blind area. Two new fleet compositions, an artillery-based Abaddon fleet and a laser Prophecy fleet based on PL's, were also announced.

You can listen to a recording of the meeting here (which starts at time index 2:26) or read the summary below.

  • N3 is moving.
  • Have just dropped a new Gallente outpost at MTO2-2.
  • Not envisioned as a permanent move.
  • More of a change of staging system.
  • Good place to rat.
  • Move is centered around forcing N3 to take the remainder of Solar Citizens (and other renters') space.
  • Also gives content to US TZ in the form of roaming action in Venal and points beyond in the North.
  • It'll be easy to roam, rat and run missions.
  • Industry and BPO guys can leave their stuff in Immensea.
  • Have to take Perrigen Falls, Spire and a few other regions—all Solar space must be taken.
  • Not billing this as a campaign to totally kill Solar; nobody thinks that is possible.
  • Expect that Solar will turtle up and defend as many systems as they can while renters and pet alliances are left to fend for themselves.
  • The only alliances that have done anything are STR8NGE BREW and Rogue.
  • N3 is also looking at setting up to expand their renting space, but not at the cost of ratting space for their own members.
  • The war has stagnated; this move is intended to shake things up.
  • Told leadership that N3 would be moving a few weeks ago, but Solar's pets just rolled up so the move was delayed while N3 did the sovereignty grind.
  • The reason N3 are doing this now is to bring participation numbers back up.
  • Solar will be able to form 200+ fleets in their TZ that N3 will have trouble getting good numbers for, so N3 has to wake everyone back up.
  • "If you're not moving to this new staging system, I don't understand why you're in this alliance".
  • Space will be shared out so not everyone is staging in the same system.
  • Need to increase participation.
  • Need to get good at using large numbers in fleets.
  • They know there won't always be fights. Solar often blueballs.
  • Going to try alternating things with Solar and conflicts with other entities to try and ensure they get some fights and good PVP content.
  • Will make a point of making it clear when a fleet is for shooting structures and when it isn't.
  • Most structure shooting has been done with supers anyway.
  • With this move there will be a few other minor changes—will do a written update.
  • Not much going on in EVE right now.
  • Mostly the Solar-N3 war and nothing else, unless you count CFC and HBC roaming.
  • This war is the content, and they will do their best to increase the amount of things going on to make sure people are having fun.
  • Progodlegend coming on to talk now (12:15).
  • Two new fleet comps, and they're some good ones.
  • One is the same hull.
  • Buy artillery for your Abaddons ("hear me out for a second!").
  • "No, don't bitch! Stop talking at me! Here's the fit! It works!"
  • Need to train MJD 4, Armor Honeycoming 4, Target Spectrum Breaker 4, arty 4, Amarr BS 4.
  • If the arty Abaddons don't work, we put the pulse lasers back on and switch a rig, NBD.
  • Second, cheaper fleet concept, fun in large numbers.
  • Called "Progod invented this fleet".
  • Stolen from PL.
  • Hull is Prophecies with 180k HP and can be thrown at anything.
  • Good chance that they will eventually move to Loki fleet. If they do, expect to see AHACs phased out—no reason to have two low-sig fleets.
  • Rokhs are sticking around.
  • Fleet comps going ahead for now will be Rokhs, arty Abaddons (keep pulse lasers around just in case), Prophecies, AHACs, Gilas, and roaming concepts like Rupters, Talwars.
  • AHACs, Rokhs, Abaddons, Gilas are the priority.
  • Warfare Links: offgrid links—badly needed.
  • Buy T3s for that, they're fully replaceable.
  • Have been having trouble getting logistics in fleet lately. Please get them and fly them before we ask for them.
  • For the MJD fleets, both BS use MJDs. Need lots of dictors and hictors for these fleets.
  • FC group thing: if you're not in the FC group, we'll be purging and reshuffling the FC group and focusing more on small roles in fleets instead of getting us cynos.
  • FC group needs to be focused more on FCing and less on getting us cynos.
  • Titans: for now all titans will be staged in MTO except for one of the 101st titans, one of the GRDE titans, and one of the LNAW titans.
  • Titan pilots, be ready to help out with bridging.
  • Supers and caps will be doing a lot of grinding; this will be fairly casual at first.
  • Will have lots to do.
  • Razor came and put a 150-man fleet in MTO and hit N3 staging tower.
  • Can roam Venal.
  • Can roam Pure Blind and mess with GSF and PL.
  • By this weekend there should be a lot going out.
Kesper North is a humble line member in GoonSwarm Federation. His passions in EVE are nullsec politics and solo PVP. He gladly accepts donations of Orthruses. Twitter: @KesperNorth

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