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Published May 14, 2013

Full disclosure: I was directly involved in this fight. This report is written from my perspective only.

Over the weekend Goonswarm Federation had a few squads deploy down to Delve to poke at residents including Raiden. Quickly, an unhardened POS was reinforced and set to come out during EUTZ. European Goonion formed HAMGUs, Bomberwaffe had 8 bombers, TEST and TRIBE formed Talwars, and Raiden formed Lokis.

With a reported 200+ Talwars, Mister Vee was a little hesitant to engage with his 140 man fleet, but throwing caution to the wind on the second day in Delve, the brawl was on. Cynos were activated within the system, all fleets entered unmolested and the fight at the pos commenced. The initial Talwar warpin landed them off grid (thanks CCP), and forced them to bounce to a tactical on the pos. With almost 150 Talwars in system burning around near this tactical, the fight was almost spoiled. The Talwars unkowingly came within 10km of the bomberfleet that was setup on the pos before warping down to engage the Tengus. The Talwars landed and began to anchor with their MWDs on, immediately they were shelled with 4 shrapnel bombs from the fleet they just barely missed decloaking. This was the end of the Talwar fleet; as one-by-one the destroyers became pods, the Tengus and Lokis were able to brawl each other.

The Loki fleet was unable to break the tank and repairs of the Tengu fleet as the Tengus were able to chew through eight Lokis and a Proteus before the Loki fleet disengaged.




A few hours later another pos would exit reinforce, this time it was up to Freedom Squad to attempt their hands at HAMGUs. The story was a little different this time; instead of Talwars, TEST brought a real fleet doctrine of MJD Rokhs with tackle and webs. Late getting the numbers to engage, Freedom Squad was forced to enter system against an enemy that had nearly twenty minutes to setup how it wanted. The TEST fleet was safe inside a few bubbles near the pos. The pos, they decided, was not strong enough, so they killed it themselves. A large tower was to take its place.

With both fleets staring at each other and killing a few things over the course of an hour, the large tower was onlined and Freedom Squad decided to withdraw, but not until losing a booster Tengu to a Virtue prober. Bomberwaffe attempted some stuff (trust me it would have been cool if it worked!) that resulted in their unfortunate deaths. Both fleets went home with TEST taking the win.



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