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Published November 26, 2012


An interesting battle happened in Providence Sunday. 8P9-BM is a pipe system seven jumps from Y-MPWL, the most common entry point into the region. A 140-ship strong Red Versus Blue "Ganked" fleet, largely composed of sniping battlecruisers, happened to be passing through.

In hot pursuit of a Drake from Of Sound Mind alliance, they managed to destroy it on a gate... then found themselves aggressed, unable to jump, as a wing of bombers decloaked around them.

You can guess what happened next. A fleet member recorded the bombing,and it's a good watch. The fleet had anti-bomber sensor boosted Hurricanes, popularly known as "Instacanes," but were unable to fend off the bombers.  There are plenty of videos out there of bomber runs from the perspective of the bombers; the skill, patience and knowledge necessary for a good bomb run are rare, but the results speak for themselves.

I play the video game "EVE Online" with an emphasis on suicide ganking and the metagame. I'm interested in history, politics and culture. Follow me on Twitter for my retweets of other peoples' jokes at @alikchialeika.

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