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Published November 29, 2012


With the next release of Kerbal Space Program expected shortly, a few prominent community members have been given access to the latest release candidates. One of these is Scott Manley. You may remember his 7 year old daughter's CSM run as Skye Aurorae, or his awesome visualization of killboard data earlier this year. He's been kind enough to record this preview of 0.18 for us, intended for new players or those who haven't played in a while.

'Kerbalcon,' a Dev-Player meet-up, is scheduled for Friday, and we expect the final release date of 0.18 to be announced then.

I play the video game "EVE Online" with an emphasis on suicide ganking and the metagame. I'm interested in history, politics and culture. Follow me on Twitter for my retweets of other peoples' jokes at @alikchialeika.

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