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  •, Candy Crush Saga's creators, claim The Banner Saga is an infringement on a trademark doesn't even own.
    February 5, 2014
    By ubastij
  • Stoic Studio have just released the stunningly beautiful first chapter of their Kickstarter-funded epic.
    February 3, 2014
    By Aethelric
  • Stasis has often been the stuff of science fiction, but the science may eventually supersede the fiction.
    February 2, 2014
    By Snickering
  • The phoenix is widely denounced as utterly useless, but is it?
    January 30, 2014
    By Angry_Mustache
  • Lots of mainstream news outlets have covered this fight. They have no idea what they are talking about. Here's the real story from the experts at TMC.
    January 29, 2014
    By Alizabeth
  • National Battles and Tank Destroyer nerfs.
    January 27, 2014
    By Knobber
  • Providence's short time in (then back out of) the Halloween War.
    January 26, 2014
    By Ali_Aras
  • Here are reviews for the Tier 3 line of Allied fighters: American, British, and Russian.
    January 25, 2014
    By Saiphas_Cain
  • With the addition of capital wrecks, there is an opportunity to revamp how players interact with wrecks and salvaging.
    January 24, 2014
    By Marlona_Sky
  • Hearthstone does a great job of teaching players how the mechanics work, but what about the finer details of strategy? Tegiminis takes a look.
    January 22, 2014
    By Tegiminis


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