• The upcoming Uprising 1.9 patch for Dust 514 brings new environments, loyalty rewards, NPC buy orders, a host of gameplay fixes, skill point boosts, and respecs.
    October 29, 2014
    By TurkFezzik
  • CCP Rouge breaks his long silence to announce new maps for Dust 514 and he reminds us that Project Legion is a project not a game.
    October 22, 2014
    By TurkFezzik
  • CCP hosts the million clone challenge again just ten days after Destiny launches. How do the numbers compare to the previous event? Is Dust 514 really dying?
    September 24, 2014
    By TurkFezzik
  • The third hotfix patch for Uprising 1.8 is coming soon, and official details are now available.
    August 8, 2014
    By TurkFezzik
  • In a short statement on the Dust 514 forums, CCP announced that due to farming concerns, the Oceanic battleservers are being decommissioned.
    July 28, 2014
    By ArthurHeath
  • The first Council of Planetary Management for Dust 514 has been elected - by less than a thousand votes.
    July 27, 2014
    By TurkFezzik
  • Project Legion's executive producer reveals more details in an interview with PC Gamer.
    July 24, 2014
    By Tegiminis
  • Hotfix Charlie is on its way to DUST 514. Read about the more important planned changes here.
    July 13, 2014
    By Lioso_Cadelanne


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